Parish Executive Council


The Parish Executive Council consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairpersons of the eight congregational boards, the Director of Early Childhood Education, and the Pastor. The Parish Executive Council serves as a liaison between the Pastor, Director of Early Childhood Education, the officers of the congregation and the various boards in planning and communicating the total work of the congregation.


The Board of Parish Education provides opportunities that enable God's people to establish and grow a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The board supervises educational programs provided for the parish so that all members can become actively involved as they grow to maturity in their faith. The Board is specifically responsible for Youth Christian Education classes, Vacation Bible School, Adult Christian Education classes, and Cradle Roll.


The Board of Youth helps guide the young people of Zion Lutheran Church so that they may grow spiritually, develop socially, and serve locally in a fun and uplifting Christian environment.


The Board of Early Childhood Education is responsible for the preschool ministry of the congregation.  The board develops and implement all operational policies of the Early Childhood Education Center, oversees the Center's Director, assists with recruitment and screening of staff members, and makes sure the ECEC is in compliance with Illinois Department of Child and Family Services regulations.


The Board of Evangelism and Church Growth facilitates outreach into our community in order to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and each other. They help to assimilate new members into the ministries at Zion through fellowship gatherings and promote support for bringing the Gospel to people outside our community and in other parts of the world.


The Stewardship Board provides programs that encourage all members of Zion Lutheran Church, through the study of the scriptures, to become good stewards of their time, talent and treasure; and to develop among congregational members a sense of care and compassion for members and non-members alike, in the area of physical and spiritual needs.


The Board of Elders is charged with several important duties in the operation of the church.  They oversee four major areas of the congregation's faith life:  Worship, Pastoral Care, Communications and Membership.  Under Worship, they arrange for the conduct of worship services each week and schedule help in ushering and communion distribution.  Caring for Zion's Pastoral staff is also part of their duties.  They see to the needs of the Pastor and his family and participate in the annual budgeting process to ensure proper compensation is given.  The board communicates to the congregation regarding worship services and requests help for special needs and prayers of congregation members.  The board also encourages the membership to participate in the life of the church according to their spiritual gifts.


The Board of Properties works on behalf of Zion Lutheran Church by caring for the church and school buildings and church-owned properties. They are in charge of all rentals, maintaining building heating, air conditioning, and plumbing, obtaining bids for any projects needed and letting of contracts when repairs are required.  The board creates a list of long-term projects and maintains budgetary targets for each project. They also maintain leases on church-owned houses and keep a list of inventory of property and tangible assets for insurance purposes.


The Cemetery Board is responsible for every aspect of Zion Lutheran Cemetery.  This includes burials, record keeping, maintenance, and landscaping, as well as following state and federal regulations.  Follow this link for more information:  Our Cemetery