Our ECEC preschool program for 2-year-olds was developed in response to many requests from parents whose children were not yet potty trained or eligible for our program for 2 ½-year-olds. It provides experiences that encourage the development of gross motor, fine motor, spiritual, intellectual and social skills.  For many children, this is their first experience with non-family members and their first exposure to a social environment with their peers.  They will gain confidence as they separate from parents, establish early classroom routines and begin to make choices as they develop social interactions.


Children will be provided opportunities to explore learning centers that include blocks, manipulatives, dramatic play and other creative play materials.  Teachers will guide children in art activities, music with movement, social interactions and games.  Follow this link to see an example of a Reggio project from the 2-year-olds:

Art - Project Based Learning Example

These experiences prepare children for their journey into future explorations of learning.     

Playing with animals from Noah's Ark!