Reggio Classes


Our morning preschool programs are grounded in the Reggio approach to early childhood education, complemented by Music Together®.  Children express their thoughts and feelings through many, many languages.  These certainly include the spoken word, but also comprise gestures, music, building, dramatic play, dance, paint, clay, and drawing, to name a few.  Children begin to explore these languages as 2-year-olds, and carry them into their Reggio project work throughout their preschool journey.

Our Reggio classes are designed for ages 2, 2½, 3 and 4.  Follow the links below for information on each program:

Music Together® is a feature of the morning preschool programs

Zion ECEC is offering Music Together® Preschool programs! These programs help all children learn music in developmentally appropriate ways. Music Together's  preschool music program uniquely integrates music experiences at home with those in school to create music-making community which supports a child's language, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development.

New research by Music Together, LLC reports that four-year-olds in Music Together® Preschool classrooms made "significantly greater progress in the Cognitive, Language, and Physical developmental domains than did four-year-olds in classrooms that did not participate in the program." Music is extended into language, math art, and social development activities and woven into Zion's Reggio-inspired curriculum. 

Each week, Registered Music Together® Teacher, Emily Campbell, leads children and their classroom teachers in a variety of songs, rhythmic chants, circle dances and large movement activities. Music making with instruments, scarves, balls, sticks, and rhythmic shakers continues throughout the week in school. When led by the classroom teacher, and at home, with CDs and songbooks that can be shared with family and friends. 


Music Together® is an integral part of most of the ECEC's Reggio-inspired preschool programs. 

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