Afternoon Enrichment


Afternoon Enrichment for 3 and 4-Year-Olds




Monday Little Scientist Science and Nature Investigations
Tuesday Creative Cooking Fine-Motor and Basic Math Skills
Wednesday Fly-Away Global Stories, Art, Music and Food
Thursday Exploring the Arts Visual Arts, Music, and Drama
Friday Spanish  Learning Spanish words and phrases


Enrichment can be added to any of your child's days at the ECEC.  Class is from Noon (after lunch) until 1:30 PM.  Follow this link to learn more:  Enrichment Classes


PreK+ is an Exciting Two-Day Afternoon Enrichment Program for 4-Year-Olds.

Weekly class sessions are held on Monday & Wednesday, and on Tuesday & Thursday.

The focus of PreK+ is to develop a 4-year-old's emerging knowledge of letters and numbers through a hands-on curriculum incorporating games, science activities, literature, computers and physical education.  Children should be 4 by September 1st.

Extend Your Child's Day Further

Following an Enrichment class, your child can attend Quiet Time and More, from 1:30 to 2:45.  Then our A Little More Time program runs from 2:45 to 4:30.  You can find more information on these programs on the Full-Day pages of this website.  Follow this link:  Full-Day Programs